Welcome to The Happy Bibliophile

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved books. She often found herself lost for hours, days, weekends, in novel or series that transported her to another world. She found herself longing for the school days (and later, work days) to be over so she could shut off the rest of the world and dive into another world artfully crafted by the words penned by a talented writer.

That girl is, was, and will always be me.

I was the girl that had to get grounded from reading when her parents realized staying home was a preference rather than a punishment.

I’m the girl that fell in love with e-readers and e-books because FINALLY, I didn’t have to hide what I was reading (or sneak out of the house late at night to read Harry Potter in a late-night coffee shop because witchcraft was strictly forbidden in her Christian household).

Books have always been my hiding place, my place of solace, and sometimes my place of preference over the realities of this insane world we live in.

I am so excited to share this space with you all and I hope you enjoy my ramblings and recaps of the various worlds I visit. I hope this blog can search as a place to share my love for literature and my love for exploring all the possibilities of the imagination.

So, welcome to my fortress of solitude.

Welcome to The Happy Bibliophile!

P.S. Please share in the comments what you’re currently reading, wanting to read, or want to hear from me!

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