99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne

I’ll start by saying that this book made me a believer in romance. Historically, I’ve always steered away from romance novels. Growing up, I was only exposed to the super cheesy Christian romance books (the ones that almost always had a picture of a prairie maiden in a field on the cover) that were AWFUL so I quickly decided that the romance genre was NOT for me. Aside from that, romance has never been my thing because I almost never saw myself in one. However, after reading 99 Percent Mine, I am a fan and Sally Thorne has won my heart.

Darcy Barrett is a world-traveling, award-winning photographer with a sharp tongue and a thirst for edge. She’s seen almost every country in the world and every type of man but she still can’t shake Tom Valeska from her small home town.

When her grandmother dies, Darcy has to come home and renovate her grandma’s cottage to sell. During the process, she loses her passport and is stuck in the same place for the first time in years. Being stuck forces Darcy to faces her fears, deal with her emotions, and heal her broken relationships.

“I put my heart back in its box and I endure a ten-minute argument with my base female self. Was I too friendly with Keith? Too casual, too naughty and rude and loose with my smiles? I rework different conversations that I’ve had with him, cringing at how easy and enjoyably platonic I found them. “

Haven’t we all had this exact thought? Ugh – I hate that so much of the female experience is wrapped around the idea that something we did has caused men to act like disgusting pigs who are entitled to have whatever they want. G A G M E (*Okay, womanist rant over. Back to the review).

There were many things about Darcy that I could identify with. The tough exterior, the quick come backs, the no-nonsense, I-can-handle-my-own, don’t-try-me attitude. She is the romance novel heroine I have always wanted to read about. She’s not the typical dainty, flighty, love-obsessed girl that is constantly thinking about being 30, unwed, and without a child. She is traveling and seeing the world and loving what she’s doing. And even when she has a bad experience, it isn’t up to some guy to save her.


There were so many times I found myself cracking up laughing or grinning like a buffoon while reading 99 Percent Mine. It was funny, sexy, edgy, and everything I needed to make me want to read another romance novel.

I really appreciated that Darcy wasn’t a woman that spent her whole life “waiting” for the perfect man to come along and sweep her off her feet and blah freaking blah. She’s witty, independent, and adventure-seeking and makes a decision to have a life with Tom. She doesn’t just fall in love with him, she upgrades him. She’s not just a trophy by his side, but a partner in life and business, as a woman should be for her significant other.

I thought the relationship between Darcy and Jamie was endearing. How he cares for her was sweet and special to me, as a girl with five older brothers.

The only thing I didn’t like so much was the possessive nature of the main characters. The whole idea of Darcy and Jamie possessing Tom, as if he is a toy that they’ve both shared and played with over the years, is a little demeaning and toxic. He’s a grown man for goodness sake.

All in all, this was quite a fun read and I look forward to reading more from Sally Thorne.

Rating: 4/5

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