Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Affirmations for Little Girls [‘Other Than You’re So Pretty’]

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, I can’t help but overhear or read comments about the beauty, or lack thereof, or prominent female figures in history. It’s baffling to me that even in knowing the impact that certain women had/have on today’s society, people are still quick to comment on their appearance before their accomplishments.

And that brings me to today’s rant.

Why is it that a woman is measured by her beauty before she is measured by her strength?

It’s almost impossible to take a trip to Target and not hear a stranger comment on how ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’ someone’s little girl is. I’ve even heard of mothers making a conscious effort to tell their daughters at least 5 times a day that they are beautiful.

Don’t get me wrong: Yes, it’s good for our kids to have confidence and, unfortunately, in today’s world, that often stems from a person’s perceived beauty. But, what if instead on instilling confidence through appearance, we instill holistic confidence of self? What if we affirm our kids, and especially our little girls, in ways other than appearance?

I’ll admit that I fall into this norm regularly. I find myself saying it to my nieces and nephews and other little ones in my sphere of influence. But, I’ve challenged myself with changed that norm and I extend that challenge to you as well.

So, I’m taking a twist on Top 10 Tuesday and bringing you 10 Affirmations for Little Girls (but this can definitely be used on any gender).

  1. You are worthy.
  2. You are intelligent.
  3. You are meant to be exactly who you are.
  4. You are loved.
  5. You are so worth loving.
  6. You have a powerful mind.
  7. You are strong.
  8. You are creative.
  9. You are valued.
  10. You are talented.

Make it a regular practice to affirm the young girls in your life in these ways as much as, or more than you compliment their beauty. Make sure they grow up to live in a world where their intelligence is valued over their perceived beauty.

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