I’ve always been fascinated with books. Not just the books, but the authors as well. The amount of sheer talent and imagination to create these worlds, experiences, characters, is something that I’ve always been in awe of. Books have been my hiding place, my escape, my therapy, and my home. From a young age, I’ve been prone to losing myself in a book; to spend an entire weekend devouring a series, sometimes forgetting to eat. It even got to the point where my parents took my books from me when I was in trouble because grounding me was more of a reward – I didn’t want to go to sleepovers or parties: I wanted to read!

As I’ve grown up, I’ve always had a love for books. It seemed to be a no-brainer that I start The Happy Bibliophile and take you all on this journey with me. So, welcome to my hiding place, my escape, my therapy, my home.

Welcome to The Happy Bibliophile.